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The problem of infertility is a threat to many relationships. It has been a common problem in different types of people all over the world both male and female. Infertlity tests are done by medical practitioners to know more about their treatment. They thus give a proper treatment method that one can use to get well. Solutions for the infertility problems are available as will be directed by their doctor to the affected party.

One will be required to stop some day to day activities that they do so that they regain their fertility back. The doctor thus will tell one to abstain from the taking of alcohol, taking drugs that are not allowed by the medicine practioners and also put a stop to smoking. A persons fertility will be adversely affected by some types of medications and drugs and thus will need to avoid them. One has to take a balanced diet to avoid getting into problems and also making sure that these foods have proper vitamins. Taking a proper balance of diet is very important and is also necessary that one takes those with proper vitamin count. Another mode of treatment could also be by giving a person fertility drugs. They will need to take these drugs as prescribed by the doctor to avoid further complications. The medication helps regulate body hormones but have side effects such s pains in the head and also throwing up.

Acupuncture also helps heal infertility in both genders. It helps improve blood circulation and also increase the tendency of a person to conceive. There is no side effect known against this. Herbal medicine will also be used to treat this effect. Herbs have not been widely researched about and thus there is no proper knowledge of their side effects. One needs to seek advice from doctors about this.

Assisted reproductive technologies are considered in the instance all the rest have failed. Technology has helped solve very many problems that exist in the society. This process includes sperm injection . In another way the eggs of the female could be removed from their ovaries in a hospital and then are fertilized with the sperm of their partners in a laboratory. The male egg is directly inserted into the female egg.

Third party reproduction is also helpful in this. A third person is brought in where there is no solution that will work out. During this process sperm may be donated and it needs that the people involved get to agree in all aspects. Surrogacy is another way whereby a woman carries a baby for another person. There can either be traditional surrogacy or gestation surrogacy. There will be no link between the surrogate and the child. Where other solutions don’t help the adoption will be key. Decision for this need to be taken with care after proper consultation.
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