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The Benefits of Cooking with Combi Technology

Combi ovens have been used for over 40 years in Europe – approximately 120 million meals daily there are prepared in a Rational combi oven. Now, ninety per cent of all dishes found on the menus of commercial food service operations around the world can be made in a combi oven.

Combi ovens are versatile and powerful. They can poach, roast, grill, shallow-fry and bake and even smoke food. Combi ovens can replace equipment such as boilers, grills and stoves on an area of just 10.7 square feet. They are self-cleaning, easy to use – even overnight – and will save you up to 70 per cent in energy compared to a conventional kitchen.

Combi ovens work very well for hotels, restaurants and other commercial kitchen ventures. If your establishment serves 30 plus meals a day at peak times, then the appliance will be of great benefit.

How Combi Ovens Work

Combi ovens conflate the advantages of steaming, such as lesser cooking times, bigger yields and juiciness, with the benefits of convection heat, which supplies intense aromas, appetising colours and crisp crusts. A fan or fans evenly distribute dry heat throughout the cabinet, similarly to a convection oven. If necessary, the oven will inject steam or water into the cabinet, raising the humidity. The combination of steam and heat seals in flavours and cooks faster. Even if your kitchen staff are inexperienced, they will find a combi oven so easy to use that they will consistently produce impressive results.

The best combi ovens will automatically register the quantity, size and condition of the food and adjust the settings according to the chef’s desired result.

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Meals Throughout the Day

Breakfast is easy with a combi: you can cook a fry-up at the flick of a switch. Croissants and pastries can be perfected too. Lunch is equally simple – you will get succulent results with a joint of beef, jacket potatoes or steaks. For dinner, a combi oven can steam delicate fish and vegetables – keeping all the nutrients and their fresh taste and crispiness. Even desserts like crème brûlée and soufflé are possible.