Major Vulnerabilities Found by Penetration Testing

Companies need to make sure that they take steps to improve the safety of their information. Penetration testing is the best way to ensure that you don’t experience cybersecurity breaches at your office.

No business owner wants to consider the possibility of their computers being breached and hacked into by an outsider. The results of this can be devastating. Not only is there the very real possibility of monetary loss, but companies then need to handle the fallout of their customers no longer trusting them. Understanding the most common vulnerabilities found in penetration testing will help you ensure that your computers and private information are as secure as possible.

Password Reuse

One major problem that a great penetration testing company based in Sydney will quickly find is password reuse. When employees reuse the same password on many different platforms, they put the whole company at risk. The loss of a single password is bad enough, but when that one password is linked to many different platforms, the loss can be catastrophic.

Unsupported Software

When companies use software that isn’t supported anymore, they will not receive patches and security updates. This means that they will be placing themselves and the company at huge risk. Installing patches when they become available is incredibly important, but if you use outdated software that isn’t being updated anymore, you won’t have access to the high level of security that you need.

Using Internally Developed Applications

While it can be tempting to hire someone in-house to develop the application that you need, this can be very dangerous. These applications simply don’t have the same level of security as third-party programs and won’t be as rigorously tested. This may help you save a little money now, but if there are problems with security in the future, you will have to deal with those and replace your software.

Users Not Being Aware

Education is incredibly important when it comes to preventing phishing, but employees who aren’t aware of the tricks that attackers use put themselves and the company at risk. It’s important for companies to educate their employees on the risks of phishing and what to look for.

Penetration testing is a wonderful way to see what risks you and your company are exposed to. Cybersecurity is incredibly important, and when you know the common vulnerabilities that you will likely face, you can do something about it, work hard to improve security, and protect your company and its assets.