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How a Memory Foam Mattress Can Meet Most Sleepers’ Needs


Memory foam mattresses became popular almost as soon as they were introduced. They cradle the body, providing a comfortable sleep experience. However, many were too expensive for the average consumer and owners often thought they didn’t sleep cool. Advanced technology now allows manufacturers to provide versions that correct these problems and the Internet makes it easy to find the best products. For instance, thousands of shoppers go online to get more info about the Nectar 11″ mattress. It is an affordable memory foam model that reduces motion transfer, sleeps cool, and is comfortable for most sleepers.

A Single Firmness Level Fits Most Needs

Although most memory foam mattresses are available in several firmness levels, the Nectar offers only one. It is also a budget-friendly product designed to suit most sleep styles. The medium-firm mattress offers excellent support and includes a contour that allows the body to sink into foam. In the sleep industry mattress firmness levels are gauged on a scale from 1 to 10 and this model is considered a 5. That means it is a good fit for most customers.

Memory Foam Can Sleep Cool

Original memory foam mattresses did not always appeal to those who like to stay cool while they sleep. With that in mind, newer models now have layers that help keep them cool and clean. The Nectar also includes a cooling cover that is bedbug resistant. A second gel memory pad pulls heat away from the body. The next LushFoam layer distributes heat evenly. There is also a support layer and a last breathable base layer of high-density foam that increases ventilation and stability.

There Is Little Motion Transfer

Memory foam is known for reducing motion transfer. That means one sleeper on the mattress can move around without disturbing another. The dense foam used in the products does not have a lot of bounce, which tends to restrict motion transfer. A well-made memory foam mattress is ideal for those who are more concerned with a peaceful night’s sleep than a bouncy surface.

Advanced technology now makes it possible for manufacturers to create a memory foam mattresses that offers a single firmness level and suits most sleepers’ needs. Modern products also sleep cool and help reduce motion transfer.