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Best Credit Cards for Those Who are Glued to Netflix and Amazon Prime

In a fast-paced world like this, if you don’t have the financial support you need, you could feel left out. Thankfully, Credit Cards are here to help us out. It’s always a great option for getting something you need immediately and pay for it later.

Credit Cards That Cater to Your Needs

Some of the best Credit Cards come with different options and benefits that are catered to what you need. For example, you could get a shopping Credit Card, and you could earn reward points if you cross a certain limit. You could use these reward points later as a substitute for cash and be able to get even more things you’d like.

If you have a travel Credit Card, you could channel your inner explorer and head out on trips and maybe even be able to win free tickets to someplace special. Most Credit Cards also come with benefits with respect to fuel. You can get a waiver on the fuel surcharge, resulting in you paying lesser and being able to travel more.

All in all, Credit Cards come with different benefits depending on what you use or get them for. If you are looking forward to getting a Credit Card, keep in mind to look for one that best suits the needs that you are looking to fulfil. Be it shopping in general, travel, business, or even online streaming.

The Drift from Traditional Television to Online Streaming

These days, it is not uncommon to catch someone watching something on their phone or tablet. The entertainment media is gradually moving towards online streaming instead of sticking to the traditional television. And there is a very good reason behind the same.

In the busy world that we live in, a lot of us find it hard to stick to the schedules of shows on TV. Instead, it is easier to watch our favourite show on our phone, tablet, or laptop when we have the time to do so.

If you look at how a TV and a phone is used, you can always associate TV viewing as a “family time entertainment”. Whereas with phones, you have the option to watch anything you need, giving you an extremely “personal experience”.

More and more popular TV shows are moving towards the online streaming sector to gather more viewers online rather than on television. With the increasing demands for online entertainment, the financial sector was forced to grow as well.

Keeping this in mind, some banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) have decided to come up with Credit Cards that can help you out with online subscriptions for streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

If you’re looking forward to getting a Credit Card to make your online streaming a lot smoother, here are some of the Best Credit Cards Available in India for online streaming.

Best Credit Cards for Entertainment

The best part about getting a Credit Card that helps you buy online subscriptions is that they allow you to earn cash backs. A portion of the money that you spent on paying your bill is credited back to your card, adding a lot more value to the money spent.

  • Citi Cash Back Credit Card

The Citi Cash Back Credit Card helps you easily pay bills and buy online subscriptions and also rewards you with cashback at every purchase. You get 0.5{1a7167e22b2f6ebaf53e2a753287ffbd38f8a314fbe4fbaf98724b826d7d155a} cash back on all of your purchases, including online subscriptions. Along with this, the Credit Card also gives you 5{1a7167e22b2f6ebaf53e2a753287ffbd38f8a314fbe4fbaf98724b826d7d155a} cash back every time you buy a movie ticket or pay for your utility bills through Citi Bank Online Bill Pay.

All of your cash backs can be redeemed conveniently as a statement credit in multiples of Rs. 500. You can also pick easy EMI options in case you want to buy something.

There is a minimal annual fee of Rs. 500 on the Credit Card. You can also get updates on the balance, statement, and rewards easily through your phone. With the EMV chip on your Credit Card, you could tap your card on the terminal and pay for purchases up to Rs. 2000.

  • HSBC Smart Value Credit Card

With this Credit Card, you can get up to 10{1a7167e22b2f6ebaf53e2a753287ffbd38f8a314fbe4fbaf98724b826d7d155a} cashback. You could also avail easy EMI plans on anything you buy or even balance transfer. If you spend more than Rs. 15,000 in a month, you could also win a gift voucher of Rs. 200 on BookMyShow.

While there are no joining fees, there is a minimal annual fee of Rs. 499 on your Credit Card. This can easily be waived off if you make annual purchases of more than Rs. 50,000. However, if you do end up paying the annual fee, you get an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 500 as well.

  • SBI Elite Credit Card

This is one of the Best SBI Credit Cards available for your shopping needs. While this Credit Card is more suitable for shopping, you could also make purchases for online subscriptions with it. You get an e-voucher worth Rs. 5,000 as a welcome gift after getting this Credit Card.

You also get free movie tickets worth Rs. 6,000 every year. If you spend more than Rs.  12,500 a year, you can get up to 50,000 reward points, and you also get bonus reward points for achieving higher annual spends.

While these Credit Cards can help you buy your online Netflix and Amazon prime subscriptions easily along with easy EMI options, it is always best to completely repay your Credit Card bills. This reduces the amount of interest charged on your purchases and also takes away the hassle of repaying the bills over and over again.

With more and more people moving on to online streaming, banks and NBFCs are sure to come up with more Credit Cards that give you greater benefits when paying for your subscriptions.