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SwissCFD’s New Introducing Broker Program A Game Changer


The mega forex exchange firm SwissCFD aims to shake the Exchange industry with its new Introducing Broker program. SwissCFD is a giant broker company with a global reputation. It provides a variety of financial and trading alternatives. These include CFDs, cryptocurrencies, forex exchange, and algorithmic trading services. Also, it deals with indices trading and commodity trading options covering oil, gas and precious metals like gold and silver.

SwissCFD prides itself in offering the best customer support available in different languages for its clients. It also boasts of having one of the most secure ways of handling client’s funds. They use a method known as segregation of funds. Through this method, investors’ funds and company’s funds are kept in separate bank accounts. Other unique selling points for SwissCFD Include secure deposit and withdrawal of funds. Also, an excellent trading platform which runs 24/7. Their competitive advantage lies in the low spreads and high liquidity rates that they offer. Their progressive bonus strategy also draws many customers to trade with it.

SwissCFD takes another leap into the exchange industry with the launch of a new Introducing Broker (IB) program. Set to be a game changer the IB program will benefit both the introducing broker and the client. This program will strengthen SwissCFD’ role both as a broker firm and as a member of the international finance commission. The program’s core strategy involves a progressive referral system. The aim is to offer the client and the introducing broker better remunerations.

Here is how the SwissCFD’s new IB program works. You introduce a new customer to the firm, and you get some compensation. This compensation is made through the vying remuneration plan once the customer opens an account with SwissCFD. When the customer starts trading, you also get some money from those transactions. You can access the data and transaction details of the client.

Other benefits you get when you refer a new customer to SwissCFD include full market support. A chance to work with SwissCFD partners and affiliate companies. Prompt payments and excellent trading conditions.

The IB program also benefits the client in that he or she will get a premium trading environment. SwissCFD offers advanced mobile forex and leverage going way up to 1:500. The client also gains access to SwissCFD’s webinars, newsletters, and online courses. Also, the client will enjoy such bonuses as getting free trading strategies and technical analysis of the market.

Another benefit a customer will get when he joins the IB program is a seamless trading experience. SwissCFD uses a high-tech Meta Trader 5. This MT5 is a multi-asset platform which runs smoothly on mobile handsets. Also, the customer will enjoy SwissCFD’s progressive trading instruments including trading alerts and notifications. These are available on the trader’s dashboard.

SwissCFD is a member of the International Finance Commission (IFCOMM). IFCOMM modulates trading between broker firms and investors. They aim to create a conducive business environment for both investors and broker companies. They also provide insurance services to both investors in exchange trading and member companies. In short, IFCOMM acts like a judge who listens to the cases and complaints of investors and broker firms. It then provides verdicts projected to calm the situation and ensure both parties win.

Registered members of IFCOMM are TradeX1, XTRADE, ECN Premium, CFD Premium, and METROPOL TRADING. Other members include NoaFX, Global Swiss Capital, JapanCFD, BRONZE MARKETS, TradesFly, MARKETS STAR, TRADER ONLINE, HighfxMarkets. Also, GBPTrades, TRADEGL, TRADEPRIME, U-markets, and others.

Lastly, IFCOMM members also qualify for insurance packages. They uplift their standards and reputation by getting IFCOMM certifications. They also get access to free IFCOMM domain and other member sites.