Steps to Apply PR or Permanent Residency in Singapore


If you want to get married to the girl or boy of the Singapore citizenship or you wish to work permanently in Singapore, you should need to apply pr Singapore. PR is nothing but the permanent residency for those living in the foreign countries. When you wish to apply for the Singapore permanent residency, it is better approaching the First Immigrations Company which is a leading PR service provider. It offers a complete Singapore PR process where you can able to obtain 96 {1a7167e22b2f6ebaf53e2a753287ffbd38f8a314fbe4fbaf98724b826d7d155a} success rate of getting approval for the permanent resident of Singapore certificate.

Special features of First Immigration:

Whenever the individuals are approaching this leading First Immigration Company, it has the several numbers of features including,

  • 96 {1a7167e22b2f6ebaf53e2a753287ffbd38f8a314fbe4fbaf98724b826d7d155a} success rate
  • Ex-officer support
  • More than 8 years of experience full submission
  • Efficient and professional service

In order to avoid PR application rejection, first of all you should need to stop wasting the valuable time for re-applying without knowing how to apply the Singapore permanent residency. At First Immigrations platform, there is a team of experts who can help and guide each and every applicant on how to increase your chances of getting the PR approved. They will first conduct the initial consultancy with the customer in order to find their issues and all other information in detail. Then, they will easily and quickly provide the PR approval for all your needs.

Steps to apply Singapore PR:

  • First, the consultants from this company will advise you to find a right time to apply pr Singapore. By analysing all the necessary details of the customers, e-appointments of everyone and all the necessary documents, they will provide such a suitable range of the PR approval service. Those who are all working in foreign countries or want to make a relationship with someone with Singapore citizenship should need to get the permanent residency in Singapore.
  • They will access the PR applications with the increased approval rate. The factors necessary for the PR application include education background, type of employment pass you hold, how long you are working in Singapore, employment background, your physical stay in Singapore, Whether you’re a law abiding person, your income and the entire financial status, credentials of your employer and more.
  • Consider whether applying PR for you or your children – If you want to get the PR approval for you or your kids, you have to fill the registration form and satisfy all the requirements.
  • Filling e-appointment
  • Filling form 4 or form 4A at the First Immigration
  • Submitting your PR application
  • Get help if your application gets rejected

If you are following all these steps, it will be helpful to get PR approval as quick as possible.