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How to Get Cheap Calls from Abroad Using Comfi

When traveling, we are often centered on travel costs such as tickets, accommodation, meal costs, entrance fees to entertainment or tourism places in the destination, and of course shopping-shopping, aka shopping. Most of the time, we did not consider telecommunication as part of the cost even though in fact this one cost item could not be considered cheap either. Especially if we travel abroad and not with family, certainly longing for whack.

Not activating international calls is not possible anyway? Anticipate if there is an emergency situation that requires us to make calls when we are on our way.

Applications installed on smart phones also require unbroken telephony connections such as the BB Messaging service or WhatsApp. Not to mention the habit of status updates on social media that need to be internet network. You can be sure everything will be subject to roaming fees!

From traveling experience, especially to areas outside the jurisdiction of the Red and White Flag finally found a way to save on communication costs.

  1. Check first that you have activated international roaming. This activity can be done through a hotline from your smart phone, no need to come to the network provider branch / outlet office. If not, ask for activation while asking for the roaming international package provided. For example, if you are a BB user, then explain that you are a BB user and will travel for a few days to country X (specify the name of the destination country).
  2. Ask also, operator partners in the destination country. For example, to have a Call to Panama, comfi collaborates with Movistar. So while in Panama we should use the Movistar network. This can reduce roaming costs based on the cooperation agreement between comfi and Movistar.
  3. Make international calls only for important conversations. Or if you miss it unbearably Because you want to hear the voices of your beloved children or spouse, do it at the agreed time. If I usually make a pact before the bedtime children. Such a pillow talk is like that. Also limit the duration of the conversation, for example only 10 minutes per conversation. Although, I am not at home, communication continues. To exchange “light” information (or “update is not important” borrow the term my child) such as “Have you eaten yet?” Or “What are you doing again?” Well, the questions that I usually optimize the messaging feature. Usual BBM, WhatsApp or SMS. For SMS, you should also ask your GSM provider before traveling. Because charging SMS from abroad to Indonesia is not cheap.
  4. For access to social media or WhatsApp, optimize wifi. So I have to set eyes to see the sign of free wifi in every place you visit. Activate the wifi feature on your smart phone to get the wifi network. If it’s detected, connect immediately. Feel free to ask for passwords if the network requires certain codes to be accessed.
  5. Check-in time (or even at the beginning when making a room reservation), make sure the hotel or your place of stay do they provide internet network along with the internet rate. Thank God if the internet is free! Don’t get me wrong, even the Caucasians who are paid for using the Dollar are happy and free. So usually in a place that is a destination for business or tourism, its hotels have recently included internet facilities as a means of attracting guests.

Traveling is still fun, the bag is still maintained. After all, there’s always a reason to keep in touch with your beloved family right?