4 Useful Tips for Web Copy

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Being a web designer or web developer, sometimes can mean that you need to know how to write professional web copy. It may be for your own website, a client’s website, or you might be hiring someone to do it for you. No matter which situation you’re in, it is important that you know a good web copy from a not-so-good web copy.

Below are 4 useful tips that can help you develop or instruct a successful web copy:

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  • Short Paragraphs

At some point with online reading you’ve had to have read one, or several, very long paragraphs. When doing so, I’m sure at least one of the experiences, induced boredom, loss of concentration or the full inability to read it thoroughly. For these reasons, write somewhat simple and short paragraphs for online readers. Typically, online readers or visitors have …


Securing Finance For Your Small Business

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When you have a brilliant new idea for a business, the limiting factor to success might just be finding the money to actually finance it.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to secure the seed funding you need to bring your idea to fruition. Some are traditional; others are fresh and new. Most importantly, there’s a solution for every situation.


In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the most suitable funding ideas.


Work with a traditional investor

When thinking about securing the finances to start a business, a traditional investor might be your first choice. If you struggle to drum up funds independently, or do not wish to carry the full burden of financial risk, this is a good option.


An agreement will be drawn up which details the responsibilities of each party, and you may need to sacrifice some autonomy. Ensure that you …