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How to Get Cheap Calls from Abroad Using Comfi

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When traveling, we are often centered on travel costs such as tickets, accommodation, meal costs, entrance fees to entertainment or tourism places in the destination, and of course shopping-shopping, aka shopping. Most of the time, we did not consider telecommunication as part of the cost even though in fact this one cost item could not be considered cheap either. Especially if we travel abroad and not with family, certainly longing for whack.

Not activating international calls is not possible anyway? Anticipate if there is an emergency situation that requires us to make calls when we are on our way.

Applications installed on smart phones also require unbroken telephony connections such as the BB Messaging service or WhatsApp. Not to mention the habit of status updates on social media that need to be internet network. You can be sure everything will be subject to roaming fees!

From traveling experience, especially to …